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Dental Technology

Computer-assisted technology has changed the way we practice dentistry. Advanced imaging and diagnostic technologies improve our ability to detect and treat decay and gum disease, which results in healthier smiles for our patients. Here are a few of the technologies that are used in our office.

Intraoral cameras

These tiny digital cameras easily fit in your mouth and let us take close-up high definition pictures and video. Intraoral cameras are useful for diagnosis and inspecting dental work, plus they also allow patients to see areas inside their mouth they wouldn’t normally be able to see.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are replacing the film-based X-ray systems commonly used in dental offices. These low-radiation systems take high quality images that can be accessed and stored on a computer. This lets us zoom and enhance the images, and we can also share the images with other dentists and specialists.

Panoramic X-rays

The panoramic X-ray takes full-width X-ray images of your jaws. By giving us a view of your entire mouth and the bone surrounding your teeth, this system helps us place dental implants, diagnose alignment and bite issues, and detect injuries and decay.


CEREC is a computer assisted design and manufacture system for dental restorations such as crowns. We can scan your mouth, design a restoration, and produce it on our in-office CEREC system in a single day. This means that you can get a high quality crown or other restoration in a single appointment.

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